Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ticked off over the events of Oct 09 09

What took place yesterday really bothers me. No I am not talking about whether or not Obama deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. I am more concerned with the fact that NASA spent 78 million of taxpayers dollars to shoot 2 bombs at the moon to try and determine if there is water on the dark side of the moon. In my opinion if the dark side is frozen then there must be at least a minuscule amount of moisture there.

I am not even that concerned about the money spent because by now we should all be accustomed to our government wasting our tax dollars. What worries me most is what effect it could have on our environment. The Chaos Theory exposes us to the Butterfly Effect which is the idea that the flutter of a butterfly wing could cause small changes in the atmosphere that could eventually change the course of a weather pattern such as a tornado or typhoon. Basically saying that even the smallest actions or events can have a larger effect on the universe as it travels through the web of life that connects us all.

So, if something small as a butterfly can change the pattern of a typhoon, what could result by bombing the celestial body that actually controls the tides here on earth. It seems that mankind has no concern for cause and effect and will not stop until he has destroyed himself and this planet. I pray that one day we will realize before it is too late that we are all connected and that what ever we do affects the entire universe.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Voice


As I sat beneath an oak tree near the creek bank I closed my eyes and became aware of the different sounds that were around me. The rustling of the leaves, the babbling of the creek, and the song of a robin that sat above me in the oak. As the sounds swirled around me melding into each other yet still maintaining their independence I realized that I was hearing the voice of the Creator

“ I speak to you of gentleness through the winds that stir the oak leaf, I speak to you of joy through the robins’ chorus, and I speak to you of cleansing through the rushing waters of the creek. I convey my attributes to you through the natural beauty that I bestow upon the world around you”, the voice said to me.

“When do you speak to me of guilt, condemnation, and the worthlessness of my soul”, I asked the voice.

“ I do not speak of these things for they are attributes that man has labeled me with out of fear”, replied the voice.


Epiphany of the Senses


I have inhaled the aroma of the soft dirt of a forest floor.
I have felt the winds of change that sweep over the soul.
I have endured the power of a raging tempest.
I have breathed the breath of the Creator.

I have gazed upon the reflection of the sunrise in a serene mountain lake.
I have seen the glimmer of hope the resides in the tear drop of a broken heart.
I have glanced at the spirit of my fellow man and found commonality.
I have beheld the face of the Creator.

I have heard the cry of an eagle in flight.
I have heard the laughter of a child.
I have listened to an old mans story and found wisdom.
I have heard the voice of the Creator.

I have felt the comfort of a blanket of stars.
I have felt the warmth of a family gathering
I have found solace in the passing of a loved one.
I have felt the hand of the Creator.


Attributes of the Creator


Blessed is the man that seeks the Creator in creation rather than destroying creation to raise temples and erect altars to honor the Creator. For it is in the world around us that the attributes of the Creator are revealed.

Gentleness is revealed in the innocence of a child.

Strength is revealed in the heart of the warrior that longs for peace.

Wisdom is revealed in the stories of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers.

Beauty is revealed in the splendor of nature.

Love is the thread that encircles these attributes, binding them one to another and in doing so binds us together through the Creator.


The Dolphin and Dragon

Her beauty can be compared to that of a thousand Goddesses. Her grace is comparable to that of a thousand swans. Her gentleness is likened to the most delicate flower.
Gliding elegantly through the depths, the dolphin, born of water and light has come to represent all that is pure and loved in this world.

His massive body moves effortlessly through the underworld as the ground shakes beneath each step. His strength is comparable to that of a thousand mountains. His majesty can be compared to that of a thousand kings. His fierceness is liked to a raging tempest.
Born of fire and darkness the dragon has come to represent all that is feared and misunderstood in this world.

These two creatures have come together to form the most cherished possession of mankind. His soul.

Will You Listen?

At the Dawning of A New Day

At this moment darkness reluctantly relinquishes its grip as the first rays of light struggle to pierce the night sky. As these two worlds meet, melding one into the other, becoming the magical gift of a new day, the Creator is speaking. Will you listen?

At this moment the harmony of the night bird and cricket surrenders to the welcoming anthem of the morning songbird. As natures’ orchestra makes the transition from dusk to dawn, the Creator is speaking. Will you listen?

At this moment the gentle illumination of the waning moon cedes its rein over to the garish power of the waxing sun. As these two sources of light bask in the joy of their brief encounter, the Creator is speaking. Will you listen?

At this moment the Divine within is capturing a rare glimpse of the Divine that resides in all of nature. As these two entities embrace in the reality that all things are sacred and connected, the Creator is speaking. Will you listen?


A Day at the Beach

As I walked along the oceans edge I watched as the tide crashed relentlessly onto the shore. Wave after wave the tide seemed to gain strength in its attempt to over take the earth. The foamy water pushed over the white sand, leaving small indentations and ripples as it receded to unite with another wave and repeat its continuous effort to reach its destination.

This made me consider the spirit of humankind and its attempts at reaching the pinnacle of existence, which I consider to be unconditional tolerance of different societies, races, and religions. What some call a God like love or Agape. To find the ability to embrace our similarities rather than our differences, to strive for world peace, and find a renewed respect for the Earth that we call home. How wonderful it would be if that spirit as a whole were as relentless as the tide, with each individual spirit likened to each wave, renewing its effort continually and uniting with others until the destination was reached.

Then I remembered the indentations and ripples that each wave left on the shoreline. Each wave impressing its mark upon the Earth and no two were the same. It was then that I realized that like the tide, each of us has been given an opportunity to leave our mark on this world. At times our efforts may seem futile, but if we press on we can reshape the spirit of humankind just as the tide has shaped and reshaped the shoreline.

I turned to leave as the evening sun began to set on the horizon, its brilliant colors reflecting off of the water, marking the end of another day. It is my plea that when the sun sets on my time on this earth that my indentations and ripples have left a positive mark.